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Hauler Hero is a cloud-based software solution that helps waste haulers improve their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

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Get more done in less time. From drag-and-drop dispatching to our easy tablet app, reduce wasted fuel, and increase services per hour.

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Hauler Hero can automate time-consuming office tasks, streamline office workflows, and help you get home at a reasonable hour.

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Blow past service expectations with a convenient, mobile-first experience.
Your customers will appreciate.

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The #1 Waste management software solution to optimize your operations.

Hauler Hero is designed not just for owners, but also for dispatchers, customer service representatives, and dedicated haulers, Hauler Hero empowers you all – the real heroes of the industry.

Unite your team and overcome operational challenges with Hauler Hero – the software that stands with you every step of the way.

Why Hauler Hero?

Our software streamlines dispatching, delivery, communication, and back-office processes, giving you the control, visibility, and efficiency to keep haulers running on time and on budget.

With Hauler Hero, you can also expect significant benefits:

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Faster Cash

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Customer Churn

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Customer Calls

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Saved Per 
Office Employee

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No more digging for critical customer details

Our platform presents all necessary information in a single view. Set prices, add services, and resolve issues quickly and accurately, all with a modern search function. Simplify your tasks and save time with our user-friendly interface.


Eliminate obstacles for your drivers

Unlock the reasons behind driver idleness, bill accurately for overloaded containers, and guide new drivers effortlessly to containers, as if they've handled them countless times.

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Real-time insights into your business performance

You can see route progress, cashflow, and more as it happens. This data can help you make informed decisions that will fuel your business growth.

    Monitor Progress On-the-Go - Cloud-based technology offers immediate visibility into route progress, cashflow, and more, ensuring you're always in the know.

   Harness the Power of Data - Embrace data-driven decisions by tracking performance trends. This empowers you to take proactive steps that drive business growth and success.

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Your success is our success

The upgrades they said they were going to make have happened. I really feel that they understand haulers and our needs and also things we don't even know yet that we need.

Carrie Josephson

Office Manager, Olson Sanitation

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Introducing Hauler Hero: a mobile-first solution built to grow waste and recycling businesses and make cleaning our communities easier.


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