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Building solutions for hardworking heroes

Every community relies on waste and recycling haulers for health and safety. It's about time they had comprehensive business software that makes the hard, essential work that they do easier.

Our mission

Despite the essential work they provide us every day, waste and recycling management professionals have been largely ignored by Silicon Valley. Hauler Hero is here to change that.

Our core values


Our customers' success is our success. That's why we champion haulers and go above and beyond to anticipate their needs.


When providing solutions, we move fast and stay bold. We ask the right questions and are undaunted by "the impossible."


Egos get checked at the door and the best idea wins. We turn to each other—not on each other—on this journey together.

A note from our founders

Rain or shine, flat tire or full, sick or healthy, pandemic or not—the trash must get picked up. Haulers can go it alone and make it work in every area of their business, and they do. But when it comes to your software, we think it’s too long that the people who build and provide software have let our industry down. We are bringing world-class technology with easy-to-use design, a flexible enterprise architecture, a service mindset and software that just works.

We aren’t the guys you’re going to want to call when your truck won’t start or when you can’t hire a good driver. But if you want your dispatching, billing, and reporting systems to work? We think any hauling company would be crazy not to reach out and chat with us. We’re a tight-knit group of software and waste and recycling veterans who have built billion-dollar companies that have serviced blue collar workers in just about every industry. And we will do whatever it takes to make sure our software not only works for you, but that it also remains the very best the industry has to offer.

Because, no matter what, the trash must get picked up.

We’re excited and we can’t wait to show you more.

Mark Hoadley & Ben Sikma

Co-Founders, Hauler Hero

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Meet the Team

Mark Hoadley

Founder & CEO

Bringing sales and leadership expertise from his time at ServiceTitan, a multi-billion-dollar cloud-based startup, Mark is well-versed in how to deliver an intuitive and comprehensive business management solution to essential workers who have been underserved by technology.

Ben Sikma

Founder & President

With waste and recycling domain expertise from Dover, a Fortune 500 company offering equipment brands haulers love, Ben brings a track record of acquiring and growing leading software products for the industry and a passion for trash removal and clean communities.

Son Bach Company Page
Son Bach


From a career that includes software engineering at Housecall Pro, a billion-dollar software for billing, CRM, fleet dispatch and payments, Son brings an understanding of designing, building, scaling, and shipping awesome software that will empower and enable Hauler success.

Clint Smith
Clint Smith

Head of Sales

A small business entrepreneur who built and sold two companies, Clint's passion is helping leaders "do only what only they can do." He loves software that frees up business owners' time, and previously led Strategic Enterprise Sales for ServiceTitan, a field-service management platform.

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Shawna Nihart

Lead Implementation Manager

With over a decade of experience with mission critical, robustly secure medical software, Shawna has expertise in creating and managing best practices for software training, implementations, and customer success that directly impacts lives.

Swarupa 2
Swarupa Ellamaraju

Senior VP of Product

I am an engineer-turned-product leader. I love building things ...building technology, products, teams, culture and orgs and now shaping companies and industries. I also enjoy scaling early stage startups. I joined Airspace at series A stage and built the product & design org and culture from ground up and scaled for hyper-growth through series B and C

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Justin Arnold

Product Manager

Leveraging years of experience delivering enterprise and SaaS software solutions across a variety of industries, Justin has gained expertise in leading engineering teams to build and ship customer-centric products resulting in improved workflows and efficiencies for customers.

Clayton Garrett

Director of Implementation Services

As the 5th hire at ServiceTitan, Clayton perfected the rip and replace from Seed to Series D. Along the way he honed a unique data engineering process, smoothly migrating hundreds of hardworking enterprise fleet clients off legacy, server-based billing and dispatch systems to powerful new software.

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Team of 30+

Engineering, implementation and customer success

Over 30 additional team members in engineering, implementation and customer success to build, implement and support waste & recycling clients.


San Diego, CA

Headquartered in sunny SoCal, Hauler Hero can attract world-class talent and stay embedded in the evolving tech sector.