Waste management dashboard reporting

Spend less time in spread sheets and more time digesting valuable insights. Hauler hero’s modern dashboard interface makes it easy to keep a pulse on your business. Monitor critical performance numbers at the office, in the gym, or on the beach so you can make real-time data-driven decisions that fuel growth.

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See real-time numbers

Track all of your company's critical business metrics as they happen with intuitive dashboards.

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Access from anywhere

Log in from any browser—desktop or mobile—to check in on business and see how your team is performing.

Drill down into metrics

View your data the way you want by filtering it by date range, geographical area, business unit, and more.


Free yourself from the office

You don't need to be at a desk to keep your business on track. Hauler Hero's cloud accessibility means you and your staff can keep business running while on the go.

Understand your business better

Drill down into your data the way you want by filtering it by date range, geographical area, business unit, and more.


With 35 years in the trash hauling business, switching to Hauler Hero made routing significantly easier. We're dealing with fewer complaints and getting paid faster.

Kirk Goode

Owner, US Refuse

Built to impact your entire business

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Group 1474-1
Customer Manager

Accurately price services, elevate your customer experience, and do it all with fewer clicks and late nights at the office.

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Group 1477

Track route progress, reroute with a click and keep your drivers in sync. Avoid costly scheduling errors and improve productivity.

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Customer Portal

Give customers the control and transparency they expect with online access to payments, service history, and more.

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Group 1479

Streamline your invoicing with powerful billing tools that automate the process and get your business paid faster.

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Follow Up

Capture and auto-generate requests, complaints, exceptions, and other details in one place for triage and teamwork.

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Mobile App

Receive exception notifications, keep drivers in sync with route changes, and capture critical data at every stop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers about getting Hauler Hero set up at your waste and recycling business.

Is Hauler Hero right for my business?
Is Hauler Hero right for my business?

Every business is unique and all waste is local. We’d love to learn how you operate, provide a tailored demonstration, and enable you to choose the right platform that can help you reach the next level of efficiency and growth.

What is the implementation process?
What is the implementation process?

An implementation manager will work with you on data migration, account configuration, and employee training. In select circumstances, our implementation manager will come on-site during the account configuration process and/or just before and after you go live.

Can you migrate my data?
Can you migrate the data?

Hauler Hero will work with you to obtain a copy of your data in a readable format, and our data engineers will then work to map your data into the appropriate fields in your Hauler Hero account.

Do you integrate with the other systems I am using?
Do you integrate with other systems you are using?

We do. The Hauler Hero platform leverages APIs to communicate across modules and between secure databases. These APIs can be exposed to integrate with any system that can pass data through a web-based interface.


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