Software for commercial haulers

Commercial haulers leverage Hauler Hero to streamline route planning, automate billing processes, and enhance customer service.

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Technology designed for heavy duty haulers


Stay agile on the road

Receive idling truck and delay alerts as they happen and make responsive route changes that save time and money.

Train new hires fast

Get new drivers and staff onboarded as soon as possible with software that’s intuitive, powerful, and easy to learn.

Grow the business

Understand profit and loss at every stop with real-time data and make decisions that increase profitability.


Faster Cash

Faster Cash Colection



Customer Churn

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Customer Calls

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14 hr/s

Saved Per 
Office Employee

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Optimize every route with a tablet app built for the job

Forget mobile tools that fail to address realities behind the wheel. Hauler Hero Road is a robust, easy-to-learn tablet app designed to keep routes profitable.

Automatically track progress - A rolling feed of scheduled stops progresses via GPS and lets drivers focus on the road.

Reduce on-screen errors - Designed for big or gloved hands, our Road app’s intuitive UI helps drivers navigate features easily.

Bulk move stops between routes and days

Whether you’re finishing a route from the previous day or re-sequencing stops for better route optimization, Hauler Hero’s route manager gives you the right tools for the job.

Change sequence & recurrence- Routes can become unwieldy without consistent attention. Reorder stops or change service days on the fly and keep moving.

Temporary & Permanent- Make one-off or permanent route changes from the same easy-to-use interface.


“Before, we had three or four operating systems that not everybody was trained on. Now we have one system that has all the routing and billing for all our customers.”

Matthew Simpson

Chief Operating Officer , Greenleaf Recycling

Built to impact your entire business

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Customer manager

Accurately price services, elevate your customer experience, and do it all with fewer clicks and late nights at the office.

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Customer portal

Give customers the control and transparency they expect with online access to payments, service history, and more.

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Business reporting

Track pulls pers day, yards per hour, and other key metrics to inform data-driven decisions that grow your business.

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Follow ups

Capture and auto-generate requests, complaints, exceptions, and other details in one place for triage and teamwork.

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Group 1475
Mobile app

Receive exception notifications, keep drivers in sync with route changes, and capture critical data at every stop.

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Group 1478

Streamline your invoicing with powerful billing tools that automate the process and get your business paid faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers about getting Hauler Hero set up at your waste and recycling business.

Is Hauler Hero right for my business?
Is Hauler Hero right for my business?

Every business is unique and all waste is local. We’d love to learn how you operate, provide a tailored demonstration, and enable you to choose the right platform that can help you reach the next level of efficiency and growth.

What is the implementation process?
What is the implementation process?

An implementation manager will work with you on data migration, account configuration, and employee training. In select circumstances, our implementation manager will come on-site during the account configuration process and/or just before and after you go live.

Can you migrate my data?
Can you migrate the data?

Hauler Hero will work with you to obtain a copy of your data in a readable format, and our data engineers will then work to map your data into the appropriate fields in your Hauler Hero account.

Do you integrate with the other systems I am using?
Do you integrate with other systems you are using?

We do. The Hauler Hero platform leverages APIs to communicate across modules and between secure databases. These APIs can be exposed to integrate with any system that can pass data through a web-based interface.


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